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Inter via Djalò, Juve and Atletico also want him: the negotiation

The Nerazzurri are in pole position for the 23-year-old Lille defender: they already have his word. However, Allegri, Cholo and PSG also want him

Filippo Conticello

Juve like him and like to be rude to their rivals in January. Simeone, the great master of defense, is curious and is looking for another central defender to form in his Atletico team. Rich PSG is also very interested as it has a strong position in the domestic Ligue 1 market. Above all, Tiago Djaló has enchanted Inter for over a year: the managers would have signed this talented 23-year-old. old defender from Lille, ideal in Inzaghi’s three-man department, already last January, if only the conditions had been there. The sale of Skriniar was necessary, but given that the Slovakian stayed until the deadline, there was a change of strategy here and the decision to traditionally focus on buying at the end of the season and a 0 transfer. The sporting director Piero Ausilio and the CEO Beppe Marotta had been setting the course for some time, but the player, who was theoretically convinced by the Inter offer, can only sign at the beginning of January. Now the number of applicants makes everything even more complex.

What a brawl

The race is therefore more open than previously thought and unpredictable, precisely because it will be played out over two transfer sessions: this one in early 2024 and the next one next summer. Juve and Atletico, for example, would not spurn the idea of ​​getting him immediately by paying a few million to Lille: it is a competitive advantage, the French club would prefer an immediate separation and demands 4-5. PSG, on the other hand, like Inter, is not interested in an immediate deal. Despite the dire situation in defense, the Nerazzurri are not scheduled to play there immediately. For a while the possibility of loaning Yann Bisseck was considered, but in agreement with Inzaghi it was decided to keep him. He will be useful and is already growing: the last no for the German was said to Frosinone, for example. The decision to focus only on a free transfer at Djaló arises from an economic evaluation (there is no point in spending even a little for what you can get for free six months later), but also from the extensive one Preparatory work: for weeks a basis for an agreement with the defender, who also moved to the AC Milan Primavera team, and with his staff. The Portuguese, in turn, appreciated the fact that the Nerazzurri did not give up on him even in the most difficult days and courted him from a distance without penetrating the pitch: at the beginning of March, the player born in 2000 tore his cruciate ligament and since then he has not most played, but no one doubts that it will return to what it once was.

Old knowledge

On this basis, everything will depend on the will of the Portuguese, which Milan sacrificed on the altar of purchasing Leao from Lille in 2019. There, before the knee injury, he grew up year after year and developed into one of the most interesting defenders on the pitch: in the summer of 2022 he was untouchable and was valued at around twenty million, while today, even if he is clinically recovered, he is no longer there If the French do not see the field of the team coached by the former Roma player Fonseca, they certainly do not want to add value to a player who has already communicated his decision to say goodbye in any case. That’s why they’re pushing him out the door, hoping to find allies, perhaps in Turin: It’s true that Juve’s priority for January is a shot in midfield, but given that Alex Sandro won’t be renewed, they could go with Djaló Make arrangements in advance. From his point of view, Inter have in any case spun the plan and are not thinking about revivals, but they keep a tight grip on the player and his complex entourage: he will return before New Year’s Eve to speak to them, one and the same for all. If the old agreements are confirmed, Tiago will receive a pen in January for immediate signature.

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