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A BOLA Poll: Is Francisco Conceição a good signing for FC Porto? Watch the end result (THE BALL)

Following the interactivity that we want to implement with readers of the different platforms of the A BOLA universe, we present you with a new challenge.

In addition to the “Correio do Leitor” column that we publish daily on the pages of the printed edition and in which you can continue to participate by sending your opinion to [email protected], we also want to invite our readers to participate , more direct and above all, more sublime, in the discussion of the themes that characterize the topicality of sport in Portugal.

To that end, here in the online edition of A BOLA, we’re launching a daily poll with a simple answer question (yes or no), where we’d also like to ask you whether you agree or disagree with an idea that justifies your answer . All you have to do is leave in the comment box on the news your answer to the question we asked you (YES or NO) and then, in a comment of no more than 300 characters, indicate the reason (or reasons) to support your opinion .

The top three of each option (YES or NO) will be published the next day in the paper edition of A BOLA, with the nickname (to comment you must register at abola.pt) corresponding to the person who wrote it.

Participate! Because your opinion counts.

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