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Nosrati introduced Shuja’s successor

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April 19, 1403 at 3:07 p.m


Mohammad Nosrati says that Tractor’s defensive structure is such that this team will have no problems.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Tractor will face Aluminum Arak in a situation where Shoja Khalilzadeh missed this game due to suspension and cannot accompany his team. The interesting thing is that Aref Agassi also has three cards and will be suspended for one game after receiving a warning, so the Tabrizi Reds’ defensive conditions are shaky.

However, Mohammad Nosrati, Pako Khums’ Iranian assistant, is not so bothered by this issue and says that Tractor’s defensive structure is such that substitutes can also perform well.

He said: Defensive structure is something that is not limited to a single player. It is a structure and organization that extends from the center forward to the defensive line and the defensive elements. Shoja and Hossein Pourhamidi are the only international players in our team and they worked very well. He is an important player for us and our captain, but his substitutes have always done a good job.

He added: If the organization and defensive structure are good, there is no problem. We also have two or three specialist defenders, one of whom is Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, who is known by the fans as a clean slate. Milad Ker and Mohammad Aghajanpour can play in this position and there is no particular problem.

In this way, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini is expected to form his pair with Aref Aghasi at the central defense position.

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