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Allegri in the conference on the eve of Juve-Napoli

The Juventus coach on the eve of the big game: “The only one who hasn’t recovered is Weah. Our goal is to get more points at halftime than last year.”

Filippo Cornacchia

Pogba? No, Naples. “Now it’s about finishing the first round with more than the 38 points from a year ago.” Massimiliano Allegri starts tomorrow’s big game against Napoli with the usual formula – and the possible counterattack of Inter at the top of the table: small steps and minimal goals. “By January 7th,” the Juventus coach continues, “we have to have this goal in mind and continue on our path without too much excitement.” After Monza, there is great euphoria from the outside. Despite Sunday’s defeat, Napoli had plenty of chances against Inter and has a good away record with 17 points. Not to mention that Juventus have only won once in their last few games against them. We suffered a severe beating in her home a year ago and her value remains important. I expect my team to have the will and desire to win. Pressure? That’s the beauty of Juventus: no matter what happens, the season doesn’t end tomorrow. It is important to maintain balance in positive and negative moments. If we are good and have a bit of luck, we will achieve our goals.”


“I’m happy,” he adds, “to find Mazzarri on the bench because not everything is out of the question for Napoli and so it will certainly be a good game.” They don’t have Kim anymore, but the team is strong: it will be a difficult and complicated game. Do you react to De Laurentiis and the external attacks against Juventus? “We have to think about what we do and how we work,” interrupts the Livorno coach.


Allegri finds Manuel Locatelli in the director’s chair (“Manuel is fine. Except for Weah, they have all recovered”) and will sort out the Brazilian defense problem at the last minute: “I have to choose between Danilo and Alex Sandro, that could be.” Me will cancel the match for both. Gatti is growing, let’s not forget that he was in the Lega Pro three years ago: he has made huge progress. Cambiaso is intelligent and very good at playing football: left or right makes no difference to him. Vlahovic? He’s doing well, like everyone else: penalties are taken and you’re even allowed to make mistakes.


Finally, about Pogba, for whom the anti-doping prosecutor’s office has requested a four-year disqualification in the last few hours. “I can’t say anything yet, we’re waiting for the next steps. Paul and I texted at the beginning, then we’ll wait until this situation passes to see each other again. “Let’s think about these five games,” concludes Allegri, “not about the transfer market, we’ll see that later.”

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