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At the World Athletics Championships, the unprecedented and victorious blue relay emerged

Filippo Di Mulo, technical officer for federal speed, had problems with the fullness: the certainty was Jacobs, the doubt was Ceccarelli. The quartet with Tortu and Patta worked wonders: tomorrow at 9.40 p.m. the final

From our correspondent Claudio Lenzi

The night before there was only one certainty: Marcell Jacobs. If the 100m Olympian is doing well and available, the blue 4x100m Olympian will be set up around him. It was like that in Tokyo, with the Olympic gold and the Italian record (37.50), and it’s like that in Budapest (37.65), where Italy are returning a year after Eugene’s exclusion and from the World Final to compete in a World Final Participate in the European Championships in Munich, each time without Marcell. But that’s not all.


Filippo Di Mulo, the Confederation speed technical officer, exceptionally had problems with the manpower as Tortu and Desalu were unbeaten in the 200m, Patta recovering from the July 23 stretch and so did substitutes Ricci and Simonelli . I want to exaggerate 15 combinations, at least 5 of which are realistic. In the end he opted for the most logical formation, ie a partial copy of the formation seen on July 21st in Grosseto, able to compete in 38:04: Rigali, Tortu, Patta, Ceccarelli.


Roberto Rigali, 28 years old, has a personal best of 10:25 over 100 m. In Grosseto he had impressed with his speed and attitude and the confirmation has arrived. With Marcell Jacobs, 28, Olympic 100m and 4x100m champion in the second fraction (the longest and most suitable for his long levers), the only decision left was who to corner, one between Lorenzo Patta, 23 , and Fausto Desalu, 29 , both protagonists of the Tokyo gold but with the first fastest. Finally Filippo Tortu, certainly disappointing in the heats of the 200m but adamant when it comes to the relay and therefore in fourth place instead of Ceccarelli who was less brilliant at the beginning of the season. The unprecedented quartet have shown great reliability and are a contender for a medal in tomorrow’s final at 9.40pm.

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