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Binge watching: meaning, what it is and how to get out of it. The expert speaks

This can become a real obsession for TV series. Doctor Maddalena explains how to ensure that vision remains just an enjoyable hobby

Roberto De Filippis

Although North American studies have begun to analyze this Binge watching Firstly, this phenomenon took on significant proportions with the “outbreak” of the Covid-19 pandemic. This expression indicates a person’s habit compulsive viewing of TV series, shows and films. It has been fueled by the proliferation of streaming platforms, whose offerings are always available, not tied to schedules and often designed to have a positive impact real marathons in front of the screen.

Binge Watching: What It Is and Who It Affects

Those most at risk of binge watching are those who are more familiar with new technologies, such as: Teenagers, children and young adults. Those who suffer from it spend excessive hours watching television series in particular, isolating themselves and immersing themselves in the vision until they lose track of time. Binge watching is a behavioral addiction which is one of the new forms of addiction without substance use. Similar to smartphones or the Internet, it is socially accepted if the threshold for impairment of functionality in social, professional or other important areas is not exceeded.

Because you can develop an addiction to films and television series

“As with other addictions, in the presence of the stimulus (in this case the TV series or movie) Ed) triggers the brain Dopamine in large amounts. This neurotransmitter promotes arousal and a feeling of joy and well-being as it stimulates specific neural circuits. When this habit becomes established, difficult-to-change patterns form that lead to you constantly looking for stimuli, i.e. watching the TV series in order to feel satisfied,” he observes Doctor Chiara Maddalenaclinical psychologist and psychotherapist, expert in psycho-oncology at the Santa Maria Hospital in Bari. As with substance addictions, the effects vary dose dependent And to continue to experience the same pleasure, the number of hours spent in front of the screen must be increased over time.

Consequences of binge watching

Binge-watching has negative effects on health and interpersonal relationships as well as on studies and work. By compulsively watching series and programs, adolescents isolate themselves, but parents usually only recognize the problem when their school performance declines. This dependency is often associated with fear, Depression and sleep disorders; In addition, it can have physical effects, as the associated lack of exercise promotes obesity, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory problems. “Patients often use television series to escape this unpleasant reality. Therefore, they do not suffer from the isolation that comes from binge-watching. In fact, they look for it as if it were a “lifeboat” that could take them to another place, away from their problems, without realizing that the other place to which they seek refuge, instead of solving their problems, makes them worse “, emphasizes Dr. Maddalena. As with other addictions Those who suffer from it are probably unaware of the situation, which is why he doesn’t work to improve it. However, people nearby may notice it Mood swingsattitude of closure to others, weight gain, and a decline in academic or professional outcomes.

Binge Watching: How to Get Out of It

Those most at risk from binge watching are teenagers whose nervous systems have not yet completed the development process. In particular, The areas of the brain responsible for control are not yet fully developed, these are exactly the ones that convey the feeling of the limit. In order to prevent a child from developing this addiction, it is first important that parents give them the right to do so good example. In addition, mothers and fathers should limit the time they use aids such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions and also limit other activities such as: Reading, playing sports and meeting friends. Also remember that watching TV series with the lights on instead of in the dark will help you keep track of time. Additionally, sharing the vision in person helps avoid isolation. “The immediate availability of the entire TV series kills the desire that is instead fueled by waiting. The digital revolution brings with it greater responsibility in the ability to both choose and do Self-limitation“ concludes Dr. Maddalena.

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