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Muud: Enjoy music freely

What is Muud?

Muudis one of Turkey’s largest digital music platforms. You can listen to millions of local and foreign songs unlimitedly and enjoy the music to the fullest.

Discover your music with Muud

With Muud you can discover the latest and most popular local and foreign songs. In addition, you can access specially prepared lists and radio stations of your favorite artists and share them with your friends.

Personalize and share

With Muud you can easily access your personal music and create your own playlists. It is not necessary to be a Türk Telekom customer, so everyone can use Muud.

Premium experience

With Muud Premium membership, you can enjoy benefits such as listening to songs offline, enjoying music in HD quality, unlimited song skipping, and downloading 250 local songs. Experience music anytime, anywhere with Muud Premium.

E-Magazine: Digital reading platform

What is an e-magazine?

E-Magazine is a platform where you can read magazines and newspapers digitally. Hundreds of magazines and daily newspapers from many categories, from fashion to business, from technology to magazines, are just a click away.

Extensive library

The e-magazine application offers an extensive archive of magazines and newspapers. It also makes your favorite magazines easily accessible and you can read them offline. It can be used for Türk Telekom customers without having to spend a mobile internet quota.

McAfee Total Protection: Security for multiple devices

What is McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Total Protectionis an antivirus program that protects your Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices. It offers the ability to protect multiple devices.

Comprehensive protection

McAfee Total Protection protects against many threats, from viruses to ransomware. With the safe internet surfing feature, it also warns you about dangerous websites.

Protect your privacy

The program controls application access to personal data and protects your privacy by encrypting your files.

Package options

  • McAfee Total Protection 3 device: 24.90 TL/month
  • McAfee Total Protection 5 device: 29.90 TL/month
  • McAfee Total Protection 10 devices: 36.90 TL/month
  • McAfee Total Protection 20 devices: 49.90 TL/month

Round: University Preparation Solution

What is a round?

roundis a preparation solution that provides courses, mock exams, books and lecture videos to students preparing for university. It is supported by artificial intelligence.

Extensive resources

Raunt includes resources such as more than 1,000 hours of lecture videos, 350,000 solved questions, 15 YKS mock exams, question banks and subject explanation books.

Personal support

Thanks to the Smart Suggestion System, it provides deficiencies analysis and detailed performance reports, helping the student achieve their goals.

Vitamin LGS: LGS preparation system

What is Vitamin LGS?

vitamin LGS is an LGS preparation system that aims to provide high-level skills to students preparing for the exam. It includes question and solution videos, special study programs and mock exams.

Rich content

Vitamin LGS offers a wide range of content with 16,000 competency-based question and solution videos, 13 mock exams and question banks.

To reach the goal

It identifies the student’s deficits and supports them in achieving their goals by creating personalized study plans.

Türk Telekom Academy: Personal and professional development

What is the Türk Telekom Academy?

Turk Telekom Academy offers personal and professional development training for anyone who wants to improve their skills and competencies, and training that makes a difference in the business world. Additionally, various certificate programs and free training are also included.

Large selection of categories

The academy offers training in many categories such as careers, hobbies, health, information technologies, office programs and communication skills.

Learn foreign languages

With its Turkishized user interface, the Türk Telekom Academy offers the opportunity to learn 38 different foreign languages.

Playstore: The universe of digital games

What is Play Store?

Load game is a platform that offers a wide range of digital games with the guarantee of Türk Telekom. Includes PC, console and mobile games.

Gaming pleasure

Playstore gives you access to the latest games, pre-orders and the ability to buy games at cheaper prices with big discounts.

Earn bonus

You can earn Playstore bonus by shopping on Playstore and use these bonuses for your next purchases.

Different currencies in the game

In-game currencies such as Riot PIN, Valorant Points and PUBG UC as well as wallet bundles such as Steam Wallet Code and Razer Gold are also offered.

frequently asked Questions

  • Do I have to be a Türk Telekom customer to use Muud?
  • No, it is not necessary to be a Türk Telekom customer to use Muud. Anyone can benefit from Tek Şifre membership.

  • How do I download the e-magazine application?
  • You can download the e-magazine application from the App Store, Google Play Store or App Gallery.

  • What devices does McAfee Total Protection protect?
  • McAfee Total Protection protects Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices.

  • What do the mock exams offered by Raunt include?
  • The round includes 15 YKS-like mock exams and 350,000 solved questions.

  • Are the training courses offered by Türk Telekom Academy free?
  • Yes, many training courses for personal development at the Türk Telekom Academy are free. There are also certificate programs.

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