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Djalo for Inter, Juve, Atletico: who he is and his past at Milan

The former coach of the Rossoneri Primavera assures about the Portuguese from Lille, whom he trained for six months in 2019: “He has everything to become a top player, few defenders today have the same mix of qualities as him.”

Whoever manages to secure Djaló risks “great success,” say those who know him and have contributed to his growth, even if only for a short time. The trademark of the Portuguese defender, who has long been in the sights of Inter (and not only), is Federico Giunti, who coached him in 2019 at the time of the Milan Primavera, where the talent of Amadora played for six months before in the summer on the altar of the Leao affair “sacrificed”. The former Peruvian midfielder, who captained the Rossoneri Primavera between 2018 and 2022, remembers well that the great Portuguese “was able to impress everyone from the start, so much so that he played for the Milan team from day one”. The promotion and subsequent explosion in Ligue 1 with the Lille jersey came as no surprise to Giunti, who followed the progress from afar until his serious injury in early March. The March 4 game in Lens marks a major turning point for the 23-year-old Portuguese defender, who was linked with several European clubs at the start of the year, including INte, Napoli and Juve. For two years he has been the undisputed regular player and cornerstone of Lille (with whom he has made 102 official appearances), Djaló began to attract attention, also thanks to a particularly attractive contract situation in view of the deadline in June 2024, coupled with an extremely low salary . Then the ligaments in his right knee burst and Djaló began a long ordeal, the end of which he is only now seeing. The worst is actually over, development is almost complete and the return to the field is imminent. For Inter and all other interested clubs, the time of what could be a decisive attack is getting closer and closer, roughly coinciding with the next winter transfer window. For those who still have doubts in the meantime, Giunti guarantees.

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