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European cups, commitments have no impact on Serie A

Data from the last five years shows that European commitments are not hurting the championship. Since 2018, Juve and Napoli have averaged one point every 6 games in the championship between the cup and those who play on Thursdays in the Europa League or Conference

Beppe Marotta and Stefano Pioli repeated it like a refrain: “Juve are the favorites for the Scudetto because they don’t take part in cups.” A classic psychological game to take some of the pressure off the Bianconeri, but also – or so it seemed – an argument , which could be shared because it seemed logical. But no. It is not so. The statistics of the last five years say it: it is not true that the Champions League in Serie A has a high score in terms of points. If anything, it is true that those who take the field on Thursdays in Europe or in the Conference The league is forced to pay a small donation. . But in general, the recent history of our football shows that participation in cups has no influence on the results in the championship.

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