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Grosso was released by Lyon in Ligue 1

The world champion’s adventure in France ends after just two months. Olympique is currently in last place with 7 points from 12 games

Alessandro Grandesso


Just over two months. The Fabio Grosso era in Lyon is already coming to an end. The Italian coach took over from Laurent Blanc in mid-September, but failed to get a team at the bottom of the table to make a breakthrough. Already on Tuesday, American President John Textor had sowed doubts with a “We’ll see” and responded to a question about the future of the coach, who even risked losing sight of Lyon on the sidelines of the then canceled game against Gattuso’s Marseille. Today the expulsion came on time, inevitable after the recent home defeat against Lille (0-2), which highlighted the limitations of a team unable to show signs of awakening. While we wait for a new coach, the baton passes to Pierre Sage, head of the training center.


The results since September 16 have not been positive for Grosso, even if seven games are not enough to give a balanced assessment of his work. Also because the Italian had accepted the challenge of getting a group back on track that had been disorganized by summer preparation and undermined by market and prospect uncertainties, as his predecessor Blanc was dissatisfied with the signing campaign and unwilling to commit to the new one to sacrifice property that, among other things, came into conflict with the previous one. In short, a harmful climate in which Grosso arrived to try to convey his enthusiasm and his game ideas brought Serie A with him after the positive year in Frosinone. And instead, after the debut defeat against Brest (1-0), things got worse.


In purely mathematical terms, Grosso has only had one win, two draws and four defeats. The last one, Sunday, was fatal, also because it reflected a state of confusion among his players. The Italian demanded tactical flexibility and maximum availability. The drastic changes even in the middle of the game and the tactical changes during the game made a team even more fragile, also undermined by internal tensions between the old guard and the new generations. Emblematic is the case of Cherki, a talented 19-year-old who was immediately prepared by Grosso to provoke more commitment, in training and possibly on the pitch. Instead, the young playmaker, who in the future represents an important market value for a club that is in a deep financial crisis, has sunk into anonymity. Grosso then had to deal with the dissatisfaction of senators, from Lovren to Tagliafico to Tolisso. And even captain Lacazette, last season’s top scorer, was ultimately overwhelmed by events and unable to lead the group out of the ford.


Sunday’s home accident convinced Textor to deliver another shock to the environment. In fact, Lyon is still last with 7 points, -5 from safety, but still has a game in hand. The game against Marseille was not played after Lyon’s bus was attacked by a group of Marseille ultras. An ambush in which Grosso was injured in the left eyelid and eyebrow bone and received fifteen stitches. The former full-back risked losing an eye but continued working to bring the club he played for between 2007 and 2009 back into the spotlight. After 75 days on the bench, it’s time to say goodbye again.

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