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Intimidation from Okan Buruk to Manchester United! Anyone can beat anyone

Our representative Galatasaray will play against the English team Manchester United in the 2nd game of the UEFA Champions League Group A.

Before this crucial game, the yellow-red coaches Okan Buruk and Wilfried Zaha spoke at the press conference.


My players and we are ready. We want to continue our performance in the league here. We will face a very good team. Even if it seems unsuccessful in people’s eyes, Manchester United has a very good squad. We will give our best for the game.

We played a match two days ago. We didn’t have much working time. We did our tactical training in Istanbul and came here. We have opinions based on the opponent’s advantages and disadvantages. They don’t have an original left-back. We have set a plan and will try to implement it.

It will be an important game for Sacha Boey. We expect something not only defensively, but also offensively. It will be a good challenge for him to work with Rashford.

We said our players would be ready in time. Wilfried is here, we couldn’t use Ndombele. Hakim Ziyech started but then stopped. We both compete against each other and increase the team’s performance.

The Champions League is close to our hearts and I think we deserve it. We feel ready to play here with our cast. These are the most dangerous games. No matter how good our opponent is, he will make his debut on his home court. Such matches may bring you back mentally, but you can put in an extra effort to find a way out. I think if we can reflect our own performance on the field, we will cause problems for our opponents. Our team is also very important and we will do our best to win.

No game is won without playing. They dream of getting out of the group with 18 points, but that doesn’t happen. All teams in the Champions League are important. We deserved to win the game in Copenhagen but came away with a point. Our next goal will always be victory. In the Champions League anyone can beat anyone.

I watched United’s games against Crystal Palace. In terms of gameplay, they were close to each other. Palace played at full-back in both games. In one he lost very easily, but in the other he won. We analyzed a lot of games. Our plan will also show up on the field. Wilfried is the player who knows our opponent best. It will also make a positive contribution for us.

Galatasaray star Wilfried Zaha spoke at the press conference.

Here are the highlights from the footballer’s statements:

There’s no reason to say much. I’ve played for Manchester United before. Today, 10 years later, I am 30 years old. I came to Galatasaray. With the help of our coach, we have become a very experienced team. We also have good players who can hurt them. We are all ready for this game together.

I prefer the left wing more, but I can play wherever my coach wants. No problem for me.

To be honest, I don’t regret leaving Manchester United. Do you think I feel uncomfortable when you look at my face? I fought to get where I wanted to go and here I am today.

“You’ve played here before with Crystal Palace, did that give you a different feeling?”

Wilfried Zaha: NO. I didn’t feel anything. It was just a normal league game. Of course, when I played back then I had a history here, but it was only one league game at Palace. I treated every game like a job.

“It was a 5 hour trip to England. Zaha looks tired, does she feel tired?”

Wilfried Zaha: NO!

You played a lot of games at Old Trafford. Have you given any hints to your teammates about this?

Wilfried Zaha: NO. To be honest, I didn’t do that. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Galatasaray games before, but the loudest noise you can hear is there. I don’t talk to my friends about United, I talk about what we’re going to do.

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