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Juve-Napoli, bodycam in black and white for warming up

The test of the last few days at Continassa with Iling Junior, who wore it during training: It will be the first time in Italian football and will allow a pre-match to be told live from a completely new angle

Andrea Ramazzotti


Great news for Serie A. Tomorrow evening in the great Juventus-Napoli, Dazn and the Juventus club, in collaboration with Lega Serie A, are ready to experiment with an absolute innovation for the highest Italian championship: the use of the body camera in Serie A before the game at one of Allegri’s players. The bodycam allows you to capture the warm-up moments, which are broadcast exclusively on the live streaming platform. A first step that opens the doors to the future of sports entertainment and strengthens the strategic collaboration between Dazn, Serie A and the clubs to bring innovation and spectacle to the pitch.


The use of the bodycam, which was tested during Napoli’s training sessions last season and has already made its debut in the Premier League in recent weeks, marks the beginning of an experiment that, by combining technology and entertainment, will make the fan even more so to the protagonist by “dragging” him onto the playing field and giving him access to the action from an exclusive perspective, that of the player himself. The general testing was carried out on Continassa over the last few days, with Iling Jr wearing it during part of the session. Stefano Azzi, CEO of Dazn Italia, explained the innovation that athletes will encounter: “After the first experiment we did in training last season, we are very proud of this debut that takes Serie A into the future of the Entertainment is projected.” As the spectacularization of sporting events becomes more and more central, the development of features and the increasingly engaging interaction with the content through the use of innovative technologies such as the body camera become fundamental drivers for the granting of privileged and unpublished access to fans . The future of football depends on the commitment of fans. “Today’s move is a first step towards taking Italian football into the future of entertainment.” The CEO agrees. Luigi De Siervo, head of the league: “After becoming the first league in the world to introduce VAR, goal-line technology and semi-automatic offside positioning (SAOT) and broadcast a game in the metaverse using a football player’s bodycam before a Serie A game Let’s project ourselves into a new dimension of vision and confirm once again that we are one of the pioneering leagues in the world when it comes to research and innovation. Thanks to the collaboration between Juventus and Dazn, for the first time in the history of Italian football, the pre-match will be told from a “subjective” perspective, offering fans unique and exceptional images. Nowadays, the game no longer consists of a simple shot of the pitch: it is important to be able to describe the event, highlighting the spectacular and emotional aspects, as we already do with cinema cameras and 360-degree shots. Our goal is precisely to promote an interactive and captivating vision of events and to involve the subscriber ever more deeply.”


The pre-match emotions, made even more intense by the special recordings with the innovative body camera, do not end with the end of Juventus-Napoli, but continue on demand in the Dazn app thanks to a special edition of the BordoCam produced in the original. Dazn was created, to tell everything that was not surfaced, felt or perceived between the stadium and the screen. A unique technological spectacle solution patented by Mindfly. The body cam lenses developed by the startup enable fans to have an even more intense gaming experience and bring the excitement on the field directly to the fans thanks to live-action images in high-resolution quality thanks to HD and the cameras with Ai.


After the first three-voice commentary on the occasion of the Madonnina derby, tomorrow evening Dazn will again propose the special three-voice commentary: Pierluigi Pardo will be accompanied by two technical commentators such as Massimo Ambrosini and Andrea Stramaccioni. There will also be a special camera that, with its recordings and aerial photos from a distance of at least 15 meters from the pitch, will describe the atmosphere of the game even more spectacularly and allow fans to follow the action of their favorites from an even more appealing perspective.

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