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NBA, Green-Gobert, the reasons for the brawl between Warriors and Wolves

The two had teased each other on social media in the past. The Frenchman: “He behaved like a fool”

103 seconds were enough for the match between the Timberwolves and the Warriors in San Francisco to become a wrestling match. Anthony Edwards misses a triple, we’re fighting for a rebound, Klay Thompson extends an arm and shoves Jaden McDaniels, almost as if he’s trying to keep him away from the action. The Minnesota player then clings to the Golden State guard’s limb and the fight breaks out.

the dynamics

The two tug at each other, pulling at each other’s shirts. The others come to their companions’ aid. Rudy Gobert dives into the Splash Brother. Draymond Green takes the opportunity to grab the Frenchman by the neck. This step, highly criticized by African Americans, is used by the police to immobilize the suspects they stop. Rudy is dragged to the Warriors bench by Green. It takes the intervention of Towns, Edwards and four assistants to free the TWolves center from Draymond’s stranglehold. Once the storm passes, McDaniels, Green and Thompson are ejected.

the past

Green and Gobert don’t like each other, to say the least. After Draymond, who is certainly no stranger to episodes of this kind, knocked out his then teammate Jordan Poole (now in Washington) with a punch during training before the start of the 22/23 season, Rudy commented on Twitter as follows: “Insecurity always prevails Noise”. When the Frenchman tried to beat Kyle Anderson in the final game of the regular season, Green posted the exact same sentence to egg him on. Clearly, the Warriors villain took advantage of the chance to settle the score.

the words

“He behaved like a fool,” Gobert then told reporters after the game, “I’m proud to have been superior, he didn’t even deserve to get his hands on him.” I hope that the league do what needs to be done because this is silly behavior, there’s nothing more to say. I was just trying to separate McDaniels and Thompson. I’m laughing because before the game I said to myself, “Steph (Curry, editor’s note) isn’t playing, do you want to see Draymond try to get sent off?” That happens every time Steph is out and about is because she doesn’t want to play without her little friend. Green and Thompson left the arena without speaking to the press.

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