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Real Madrid and the Cantera players face charges over the shocking video

The four teenagers had sex with two girls, one of whom was underage, and filmed them without authorization; charges are brought

by our correspondent Filippo M. Ricci


The judge has given permission to continue the preliminary investigation into the case of Real Madrid’s Canterans, who are accused of recording and distributing images of sexual acts with two girls without prior consent.


Here is the first message: The complaint came from the mother of a 16-year-old girl, but there was also an adult friend of hers with her. Last June, in a club on the island of Gran Canaria, the two had voluntary sex with four boys between 18 and 21 years old from the Madrid team’s youth academy, but did not know that two of them were recording it and when they left it became clear to them that they had asked for the videos to be deleted.


The boys promised they would, but then started spreading it on WhatsApp instead. So much so that one of the videos reached a friend of one of the two girls, who alerted them. She spoke to her mother, who immediately filed a report.


Last Thursday, several Civil Guard officers appeared in plain clothes in Valdebebas. They blocked the Cantera’s activities, searched for and found the four boys named in the complaint and brought them with them. They were arrested and then released pending further developments in the case. Their phones were confiscated to check who sent the videos received without the girls’ consent to whom.


Today El Mundo reveals that the judge has given the order to complete the preliminary investigations and the Spanish press agrees that then the 4 Canterani, 3 from Real Madrid C and one from Real Madrid Castilla, the second team led by Raúl, this will be called to testify as a defendant. In some media, for example the Catalan newspaper SportsThe names of the four boys have been named (noting the two who recorded the sexual act), but they have not yet been formally charged.


Spain recently amended its criminal code on sexual violence, passing the law commonly known as “Only Yes is Yes.” “Anyone who, without authorization, disseminates, discloses or transmits to third parties an image whose dissemination causes serious harm to the privacy of others,” Article 197 imposes a penalty of one to four years for recording the video, increasing to three years – 5 years in case of distribution. For those who distribute the images received, the penalty is between one and three years.

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