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Rıza Çalımbay Words from Beşiktaş presidential candidate Serdar Adalı! Meeting…

Serdal Adalı, one of Beşiktaş’s presidential candidates, made important statements. Speaking to TRT Spor, Adalı said he was happy that Rıza Çalımbay took over the management of the team.

Here are these words…

“Officially there is a deadline for candidacy applications. There is a problem we have been facing for the last 3-4 months. The last 20-22 days are the final part. I follow Beşiktaş’s worries and needs. Start of election work 1 year in advance is my job. That’s not it. There are still 18 months until the normal election period. I’m not waiting for a choice. Once I recognized the need and the decision was made, I announced my candidacy. Mr. Hasan I announced 1.5 years ago that he would be a candidate. That is not my style. All of us “We have a football team with which we want to be successful. I’m not thinking about being a candidate in case things go badly. I came because.” There was a need. I was a candidate because there was a need in the past.”


“We’re trying to figure out how to get our football team back on its feet. Our trainer Mehmet Özdilek is also working. The transfer period begins on January 11th. We will make the best use of it and get the team back on its feet.” “Unfortunately, if we can’t take part in the European Cups, we will have to spend 85 million euros to get the team back on its feet.” “We still have a million to go Spend euros.”


“Whenever we unite, we become champions. We forget to stand on our own two feet. The TFF president will come and shake his finger at my house! That’s what irritates me the most. How did they get to this point? If I am elected, the TFF president will not be able to enter the stadium unless he apologizes.”


“There is nothing more natural than meeting the coach. He is welcome to come and speak for himself. They criticize him because he became a candidate 22 days ago, but I am in Beşiktaş. I already live in Beşiktaş. You can’t hear that,” the words “I took over the wreckage” coming out of my mouth. I also talked to my teacher Rıza. I wished. If Şenol Hodja had been brought in the next day, we would have come a long way. There are 2-3 good football players. I remember the interim transfer. We will find good players in a very short time. I am happy that Rıza Çalımbay has come to the top of the team. We were relieved to have him at the helm of the team. Rıza Hodja has the spirit of Beşiktaş: “He is a person who says, ‘Friends, mind your business’ at a time when it is no longer of any use.”

“You can do this transfer, why can’t we?”

These debts are only discussed between us. Is Beşiktaş heavily in debt right now? They make these transfers, why shouldn’t we? We will too! This is the reason for the gap. You can’t advance by shrinking.


“It used to be called Quaresma, now it’s called Talisca. The fans can rest assured. There are better players too. We had a need. I would transfer Ramos because there was a need. And it would be a name that our fans would be happy with. The costs would be sorted out somehow. These are the rivals. “How did he buy the players? I will buy them too! I’ll give out of my pocket, find a sponsor and buy them! Isn’t that Beşiktaşs. “Right?”

“We get what our teacher asks for”

“First, the needs of the team are determined. Then if we have to break up, we will. If we don’t transfer 2-3 points at half-time, this blame will fall on us. “We will come with everything, whatever,” demands our coach.”


“I spoke to the stadium architect, nobody should sell their dreams. The gaps in this stadium cannot be closed. This is not allowed because of the wind current. Everyone should know that. However, we are working to increase the capacity of the stadium to 52,000. Let’s get it to 52,000 so no one can say, ‘It doesn’t meet UEFA standards so we can’t use it in the finals.’ “There should be no excuse.”


“I answered that. I was the president of TJK when I was the second president. Nobody said, ‘He’s the president there, has the work here been disrupted?’ He didn’t say it. Where I say that I can’t do something, it is incomplete, I would give up everything for Beşiktaş, but I don’t think it will be necessary. Hasan Bey is also in charge of 3-4 big places, will he give up these places or resign? I said that, too. I ask.”


“The first reason why this situation arose is the relations with the TFF. The year we became champions they tried to stop us. We hardly became champions with average results.”

“Which club gathered 28,000 people for the first contract signing ceremony in Turkey?

“Which club gathered 28,000 people for the first contract signing ceremony in Turkey? They saw it and started doing it after us.”

“We are preparing for students”

“The fans are 100% right about the ticket prices! How can a student get to the games with these prices? will adjust the price to the extent a student can come.”

“We will build a team that our fans will be proud of”

“We will do whatever it takes to get this team to the top. If I count my friends, there will be no end. These things can be achieved with work. Our fans and our community should be relieved. I will not waste any lira.” of this club. We will build a team in Turkey that they will be proud of.”

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