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Rugby: Springboks, thieves steal from HQ but leave World Cup

The incident occurred between Monday and Tuesday. The Webb Ellis Cup was ignored by the violators, who preferred some signed jerseys and PCs

Open closets and missing memorabilia. The forced doors left no doubt: thieves broke into the Springboks’ headquarters on Monday night and stole valuables. Except for the most valuable item: the Webb Ellis Cup. It seems absurd, but the World Cup title won by South Africa on October 28 remained untouched at the federation’s headquarters, to the relief of the South African rugby world.


Video of the breach was shared on X by South African journalist Yusuf Abramjee and shows two men wandering around the Springboks’ headquarters. With hats on their heads and gloves on their hands, the thieves are seen inspecting the cup and then… they carry on indifferently, opening cupboards and exploring other rooms.

The preferred trophies were some t-shirts, computers and miscellaneous items signed by the Springboks’ protagonists, as well as a few bottles of whisky. Also save the other cups won by South Africa. In his own way, Rassie Erasmus, “director of rugby” for the South African national team, confirmed the existence of the Webb Ellis Cup by posting a photo of his dog lying near the cup. So yes: the Springboks can breathe a sigh of relief.

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