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Serie A basketball, results: Milan, Bologna and Venice ok

On the fourth day, Napoli beat Brindisi, Trento, Scafati and Brescia won

M. Lignelli – G. Girolimetti

After Reggio Emilia’s success in Cremona early Saturday, the program of the fourth day of Serie A basketball comes to an end. Trento returns and wins again away in Varese. Venice wins the derby in Treviso, Naples prevails against Brindisi. Milan proved to be clearer than Tortona in the final part of the game and won an unexpected victory. From Scafati and Brescia we continue to Pesaro and Pistoia. Virtus Bologna overwhelms Sassari.


The first away game of the Milan season takes place in Tortona. Sprint start for Olimpia, who often manage to find the free man under the basket and shoot well from outside the penalty area: The partial 9-0 (11:20) comes immediately. Despite some shaky games from Bertram, Milan was able to maintain the distance without any problems, especially thanks to Melli’s work in the penalty area: the first half ended with 31:41. After returning from the dressing rooms, Derthona goes all out with Dowe and Weems and achieves a lightning breakthrough of 11-0, which is worth overtaking (42:41). Milan appear to be getting into trouble at the hands of the opposition’s defense but stay in the game with points from Tonut, who always attacks brilliantly when attacking off the dribble. In the last quarter it continues point by point: with 1 minute to go it is absolutely tied at 75:75. Milan take the lead with Shields (75-77) sent to the line by defensive naivety from Obasohan. And it is the same Bertram guard who lacks the support in the following action that would have been worth the equalizer, and Olimpia only has to finish with free throws.

Tortona: Weems 19, Daum 16, Dowe 12;

Milan: Melli and Poythress 14, Pangos 11.


Despite a victorious European Cup debut against Keravnos and a sold-out Italyum Arena, Varese is still falling. Although he immediately took the lead of the race, he left it again in the last seconds. In the first quarter, thanks to threes from Hanlan and Woldetensae, Varese made it 28:16 after 9 minutes, but with Grazulis, Trento halved the deficit and took the lead midway through the second period (31:33); Taking advantage of defense and rebounding. The balance remains until the break, even if Varese gives the +2 boost before the siren (44-42). After another 16 even minutes, threes from McDermott and Brown tried to steer the game, which had now almost become a three-point game, at 77-69, but in the 38th minute Trento overtook again (82-83), again from the arc with Alviti. The game was played point by point until Hubb scored the decisive basket that gave the visitors the victory, their third in four Serie A games.

Varese: McDermott 21; Brown 15 and Moretti 15;

Trent: Alviti 18; Biligha and Hubb 14.


Reyer was unbeaten, Treviso only suffered defeats, stayed ahead for a long time in the derby, but then lost steam in the last quarter. Booker on the one hand and Tessitori immediately scored a lot until Treviso took the first break from the arc and ran to +9 (30-21). Shortly afterwards, the locals also had a double-digit lead with Zanelli and Mezzanotte (42-29). However, between the third and fourth periods, Venezia reduced the deficit to -5 (67:62) in the 32nd minute. Then, after a lifetime, he even regains the lead with three-pointers from Wiltjer and De Nicolao (69-70). At this point, Brown is ice cold off the line, the locals’ blackout continues (1 point in 6 minutes) and Spahija’s team has the experience of never looking back. Despite Bowman’s -1.

Treviso: Harrison 15, Paulicap 11, Mezzanotte, Zanelli and Allen 9;

Venice: Tucker 17, Brown 13, Simms 11.


Third win in four games for Napoli, who were eliminated by Brescia last week. The second leg at the PalaBarbuto is a dominated game, with the lead already being taken in the third quarter, meaning it is time for Stefano Saccoccia, born in 2006, to get his first point in Serie A. Brindisi, still looking for a victory between the championship and the European Cup, holds a fourth place and then leaves the field to Gevi, who immediately takes the lead together with Zubcic. The Croatian will also be MVP with 24 points and 6 rebounds in 23 minutes. When Napoli stepped on the gas, they managed to make it 16-0 at halftime, which became decisive and increased to 47:29 at the break. It will be the third quarter that confirms that this is a game without history.

Naples: Zubcic 24, Ennis13, Sokolowski 12;

Toasts: Morris 13, Riisma and Johnson 12.


There are always twists and turns in the Vitrifrigo Arena, where Scafati squanders a 20-point lead but still manages to secure victory. Givova immediately runs away, punishing a Vuelle who appears to be off the court, and goes on a strong run of 22-0 (8:32) early in the game. In the second half, the visitors’ odds fell slightly and the home team tried to cause an upset, but failed to significantly reduce Scafati’s lead, which was leading 30:47 when he returned to the locker room. But in the second half we experience another Vuelle: First he closes the deficit to single digits (61-67 at the end of the third quarter) and with 5 minutes left he even takes the lead with Mazzola’s three-pointer (73-70). Givova appears to have lost clarity but is saved with 5 inches to go by the usual Logan who equalizes from the line. Scafati goes into overtime and finally defeats Pesaro thanks to Pinkins, MVP of the game with 33 points.

Pesaro: Totè 29, Tambone 19, Mazzola 15;

Scafati: Pinkins 33, Robinson 16, Logan and Rossato 15.


The Lombards’ winning streak continues, they lead from start to finish in PalaCarrara and remain in the championship with full points. Excellent start from Gabriel for Germani, who scored 9 points in the first quarter. Brescia leads slightly, but Pistoia stays in the game and holds off Willis and Ogbeide: 31-38 at halftime. In the second half, Estra finds a 5-point mini-part that brings them back into contact (38-40), but the guests respond with a violent counter-break to make it 12-0 (48-68), which bears the signature of Della Valle, exceptional behind the arc. Pistoia looks to respond by increasing the tempo in the final half, but the lead Magro’s team has gained is too big to make up.

Pistoia: Willis 21, Ogbeide 19, Moore 10;

Brescia: Della Valle 26, Bilan and Cournooh 11.


Four out of four in the league also for Luca Banchi’s team, which confirms their excellent form after the two wins in the Euroleague during the week. Only an even game at the start, with Smith and Abass Virtus leading from behind the arc and Whittaker responding for the Sardinians. Dinamo finds a mini-move of +6 at 22:28, to which the home team responds with a counter-break of 12:0 and takes the lead (34:28). In the second half, Sassari tries to get back in touch, but has difficulty containing the opponents from outside the penalty area: the black Vs easily keep their distance throughout the game and in the last three from Lundberg, which is worth +14 (76 -62). sends the credits.

Virtus: Abass 14, Smith 13, Shengelia, Mickey and Lundberg 10;

Sassari: Treier and Diop 11, Whittaker 9.

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