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Without four there are no three: Sporting eliminates Benfica from the Portuguese Cup

The Lions’ 3-2 triumph at Pavilhão João Rocha, their fourth derby win this season; Goals from Pauleta, Zicky Té and Wesley; Arthur scored two goals for the Eagles

Sporting eliminated Benfica in the round of 16 of the Portuguese Cup and scheduled a meeting with Belenenses in the Final Eight of the Premier competition, after a high-quality derby at Pavilhão Rocha that was much more evenly matched than recent derbies between the two teams. Nevertheless, Nuno Dias’ team achieved its fourth win of the season against Mário Silva’s men, who, after winning the Super Cup at the beginning of the season, lost both games in the regular phase of the championship and also the final of the League Cup. .

After the Lions’ 7-3 win at João Rocha in the Liga Placard, the game this Monday was less inconsistent in terms of the result and the performance of the Reds, who even started the derby on the wrong foot and allowed Pauleta to break through 1-0 after just two minutes, with goals from Henrique and Léo Gugiel already in sight.

João Rocha’s stands were still standing and celebrating the goal when Arthur made it 1-1 against Benfica in the same second minute of the game, with a completely electric start and at a pace unsuitable for those with heart failure. The first half continued at a rapid pace, but there were no further goals to improve the score, thanks largely to Henrique and Léo Gugiel, who were outstanding with both goals. Then we had to wait until the 19th minute for the score to change, with Zicky Té taking the blame and putting the Lions back in the lead just before half-time from a set-piece.

In the second half, Sporting brought the same pressing, but more effective when they did it without the ball, and managed to contain Benfica very well, and much more incisively when they did it with the ball. But it was Benfica that lost, and so Mário Silva risked a 5-4 win with Diego Nunes three minutes from time. Which cost Sporting 3-1 when Wesley won the ball back and effortlessly shot into the Reds’ empty goal. It was assumed that the game would end there, but Arthur scored twice in the 39th minute and the final seconds were still full of emotion, but the Lions maintained their lead and moved into the Portuguese Cup.

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