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World Athletics Championships, relays, Jacobs: “Italy runs with us”

The boys of the 4×100 m are excited about the final tomorrow evening: “We showed the others that we are there and that we are strong.” Surprised and happy girls between record and final”

The Olympic champions flew away. Faster than anyone else to have raced the 4×100 this year 2023. Anyone looking for validation after a few missteps in the past can be completely satisfied. It’s impossible not to have the four blues of the season not beaming with smiles, even though everyone is aware that in order to reach your ultimate goal, you have to stay focused until tomorrow’s finale.

men’s relay

Marcell Jacobs warns everyone, “We’ve proven our worth, we’ve shown others that we’re there, that we’re present, and that we’re strong.” Sure, right? “I’m very happy, I think I ran an excellent fraction, the goal was to advance the baton quickly, each of us had a lot of confidence in the other, we know we can do very well. It’s not for nothing.” We won the games. Today was a different climate. The whole nation runs with us in the relay, we always manage to give 200%. Tomorrow we start from scratch, we have so much confidence, we know our values ​​well. When I saw Filippo crossing the finish line, I got goosebumps.” And Tortu: “We were ready, we tried a lot, but I think it went well in terms of changes, those between Lorenzo (Patta) and I was a bit tense, but in the last two months we’ve felt more like a team.” . Congratulations to the girls, we’re watching and cheering.”

women’s relay

yes the girls Zaynab Dosso, Dalia Kaddari, Anna Bongiorni and Alessia Pavese, who skated a Super 4×100 and conquered the final with fourth time (42″14), breaking the previous Italian record. Pavese, who skated the second-best fraction between the two batteries, Speaking into Sky’s mics, he says: “I still have to realize that I was too full today. This track is fabulous, it’s the same as the warm-up track and I gave it hell as soon as Anna gave me the baton , I saw that we were third and I didn’t understand anything. 9”98 I didn’t expect it, but I’m already thinking about tomorrow. You are a source.” And Kaddari: “Yesterday I ran the 200m semi-final, but today is a different day and the relay gives you a different energy, especially running with them.” Bongiorni concludes: “We’re really happy with the weather, we’re superstitious and don’t make statements, but we have big dreams .Now let’s go to rest immediately to do even better tomorrow.”

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