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8 important decisions made by the jury after meeting Mehdi Taj

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November 16, 1402 at 7:14 p.m


From the arrangement of the jurors to the activities in the virtual space;

Ali Khosravi explained the permissions for this meeting to Mehdi Taj after the meeting of the members of the Judicial Committee.

According to a report by Sport 3, Ali Khosravi, a member of the Football Association’s referee committee, appeared in the group of reporters after the meeting, which was held in the presence of the association’s head and the members of the referee committee, and said: After the events of the ninth week, Mr. Taj held is holding a meeting with the members of the jury committee today. Mr. Mehdi Nabi, Hedayat Mambini, Mohammad Reza Kishorifard, Sohail Mehdi and Mohammad Hossein Hamisi as well as members of the jury committee including myself, Khodadad Afsharian, Ismail Safiri, Hossein Zargar, Ms. Keshavarz and Daniyal Moradi were present at this meeting. Various topics were raised and the topics raised by Mr. Afsharian Almost finished. The pressure on the association is great and Mr. Taj has raised the issues and Mr. Afsharian has explained the problems and finally we have eight resolutions:

Partial set boltsJudges who judge well judge consecutively in consecutive weeks. If we had a few judges during the week who judged so well and got good results, they will judge the next week, and if they were good again, they will judge again. We must distinguish between judges who judge well and judges who are unacceptable.

Partial set boltsWe have good news for judge fees. It has been approved and coordinated with the league organization to update this matter in the Premier League. With the new decision of the panel of judges, the total fees should be billed every two months and no longer year after year. In this case, the league organization announced its readiness, and Mr. Taj was very insistent, and they concluded that it should be updated every two months and that the referees’ right to judge and go back and forth should be approved should.

Partial set boltsThe Referee Arrangement is under the direct supervision and responsibility of Mr. Khodadad Afsharian, Head of the Referee Committee, but as per the procedure at FIFA, AFC and other places, the draft in all categories is entirely prepared by the department. The tables are prepared and two members of the jury advise, approve and monitor, and Mr. Afsharian gives the final opinion. According to the decision, Mr. Afsharian is directly responsible for the appointment of the judges. That was the case before, but we hadn’t made it so clear before.


base boltThe services of the referees and assistant referees are made available to the referee committee on a weekly basis. Of course, only one or two members of the jury are from Tehran and the rest are from the city, but the performance and positive and negative parts are communicated to the members of the jury and they have all the marks. From now on, all members of the jury know what the judge’s verdict was and what his score was.

Partial set boltsAccording to Mr. Taj’s direct order and in support of the referees, the entire planning of refereeing in the country lies with the referee committee itself. Many think that there are discussions or advice and pressure, but that is not the case at all. If the Referees Committee deems it appropriate, it may assign a referee four matches per month. The Referee Committee knows the usefulness of refereeing in the country. Many provinces may not know it and there are various places that would like to interfere in this matter, but there is no interference in the order of the Judicial Committee and the authority of the Judicial Committee is greater than in the past. Because he had this authority in the past, it was said that he was put under pressure by a large number of referees. Mr. Taj emphasized that this work should be done by the Judicial Committee.

Partial set boltsThe sixth paragraph is said for the first time with this clarity. The referees who made errors during the season and changed the outcome of the game receive a score of less than 7.4. For example, the game should have been 3-1, but due to a mistake by the referee it was 2-1. In this situation the referee’s score is 7.9 because that team won, but if the result is changed it is 7.4. If the referee receives three 7.4s, they will be relegated to League One either mid-season or at the end of the season. It doesn’t matter which referee belongs to which salary group. We communicate this to all judges so that all judges know. So if you evaluate three games and the result of the game is changed, you will be relegated to the first division.


Partial set boltsFortunately, 10 radio systems will soon be purchased by the league organization and made available to the referee commission. We need 8 systems for 8 games, but we get 10 systems to have two in reserve. If this system were to apply in Week 9, the referees would not work together in the Tractor-Nasaji and Sepahan-Melvan games. There is also good news that we will try to deliver over the next few weeks.

Partial set boltsReferees, assistant referees, supervisors and lecturers who work in virtual space are no longer entitled to membership in virtual groups and networks. It is not true that they talk, answer and explain. The members of the Referee Committee are Mr. Afsharian and the Association’s Public Relations Department, and therefore you, referees, assistant referees, fourth referee, ladies, gentlemen, football, futsal and beach soccer, know that you have no right to be active in groups and cyberspace .

At the end, the jury member said: There were eight cases approved in these three hours. There were many discussions and everyone reported from their area of ​​expertise. I have been involved in the country’s arbitration system for a long time and have been on the arbitration committee for two years, and I think that this meeting had a very good result.

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