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The memory tonight will be the hell of Sepahan! (Picture)

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April 15, 1403 at 2:48 p.m


Already five hours before the start of the delayed Week 16 game, many of the stands at Yadgar Stadium are filled.

According to Varzesh Se, Sepahan has opened a special account for its two delayed games in order to return to the championship track, but this team’s first delayed game will be played under special conditions.

There is often a passionate atmosphere at the Yadgar Stadium in Tabriz, but now that the crucial game against Sepahan is free, this stadium will be full of red-clad spectators.

Sepahan will have to face his opponent in difficult conditions, and the atmosphere in the stadium will be completely to Sepahan’s detriment, and it seems that Morais’ students will face a very difficult task.

This flow of people towards the stadium is unprecedented this season and promises an exciting game.

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