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8+1 meeting between Persepolisi and former Traktori in Azadi

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March 1, 1402 at 2:30 a.m


Ready for a fascinating debate;

Persepolis and Traktor are preparing for an interesting game on Wednesday with 8+1 faces together.

According to Varzeh Se, Persepolis and Tractor will play each other this week, with the confrontations of these two teams having many similarities.

Meanwhile, among the current players of the two teams, eight common players from the Persepolis and Traktor confrontations have taken part in this fascinating game in their careers.

Shuja Khalilzadeh, Mehdi Shiri, Mohammad Naderi, Siamak Nemati, Daniyal Esmailifar, Soroush Rafiei, Omid Alishah and Mehdi Abdi are eight common players in these two teams.


Meanwhile, the current coach of Tractor, Mohammad Nosrati, is a player who has worn the jerseys of both teams in the past and for the upcoming game between the two teams, he will be watching the game against Persepolis from here on the bench of the tractor trolley. Let go

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