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Abruzzo, part of a tunnel between Pescara and Francavilla collapses due to bad weather

A driver was injured. Two tunnels between Pescara and Francavilla closed. The video of the disaster

Fortunately, there were no serious consequences. Certainly, apart from the damage and minor injuries sustained, the driver of the BMW SUV reared up on the cladding of a tunnel that had just collapsed had not had a good time. Due to the bad weather that hit Abruzzo on Wednesday November 22nd, an internal part of the San Silvestro tunnel in Francavilla al Mare, in the province of Chieti, collapsed. The San Giovanni Tunnel was also closed due to infiltrations.

What happened

In the San Silvestro Tunnel, the interior lining collapsed under the pressure of copious amounts of rainwater seeping in as cars passed through. In the other case there was water intrusion. There are many video reports from drivers, which are also posted online by the Welcome to Favelas social profiles.

The road system

From a traffic point of view, the San Silvestro tunnel in Francavilla al Mare, in the province of Chieti, remains closed in both directions from km 12 to km 15.8, as yesterday afternoon part of the lining failed on the inside side. Inspections and technical controls are ongoing to plan safety measures. Traffic will continue to be redirected to local roads (former state road 16). As for the San Giovanni Tunnel, the southbound carriageway is closed from km 2.7 to km 3.5 in the section between Montesilvano and Pescara.

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