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Conducting the first course of small flower competitions in the country

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November 30, 1402 at 3:00 p.m


The head of the General Sports Association announced the holding of the first round of small goal competitions in the country.

According to the report of “Varzesh Se” quoted by Fars, in a conversation with the public relations department of the Federation of Public Sports, Ali Khalili mentioned the holding of mini-football tournaments by the Federation of Public Sports and stated: “The wonderful thing.” The reception of the mini-football tournaments Teen and youth soccer tournaments across the country led us to implement a new national plan to generate excitement among this group and our loved ones, which included holding small street flower competitions.

He said about the way these competitions are held: Small goal or mini football competitions are held around the world with different titles and methods, which also include events named after world-famous players in different countries.

The head of the Association of Popular Sports continued: Since “Golkochek” has a long history in our country and was played in the alleys and streets not so long ago, we decided to hold this event in the same way as in the past and of course based on the physical conditions of the cities.

Ali Khalili continued: Small goal or street football competitions are organized where the focus is on supporting teenagers and young people from different cities to play their favorite teams.

Khalili continued: By conducting competitions in this way, it is possible to obtain statistics about the number of fans of different teams, since these teams can not only put the name of their favorite team on their team, but also use their symbols Uniforms. Or use a logo or something else.

The head of the General Sports Association stated: “To hold these competitions, we have contacted the fan clubs of the country’s leading football clubs so that we can also use their capacities.” We will definitely have a large and broad participation of interested people see prominent clubs.

Khalili also said about the implementation time of this project: Registration to participate in these competitions will begin on December 15 this year, and after that the competitions will begin in different cities simultaneously with the auspicious days of the Fajr decade. which will last until July next year. These competitions are held at three levels: city, province and country. We will give prizes to the best teams and the best competitions will be sent to international events.

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