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Akram Afif scored 3 goals and won the ball! (Picture)

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March 15, 1402 at 02:44


The star of the Al-Sad national team shone against Qatar S. He took the match ball for himself.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Akram Afif continued his good progress in the Star League and in the recent game against Qatar S after putting in a great performance in the Asian Nations Cup and was instrumental in Qatar winning the championship in that competition. Si was able to be productive and score a hat trick.

This technical winger scored a goal, assisted on a goal and was involved in another goal in the Asian Cup semi-final against Iran. Stargan missed the chance to score in the battle with Al-Wukrah and scored his penalty, which was the end of the show against Qatar S. He made amends.

Akram Afif in the Al-Sad match in the 15th week of the Qatar Stars League against Qatar S. Si, who managed a 3-0 win and consolidated their lead, scored all three of his team’s goals, two of them from penalties.

This Qatari football star shone against Qatar S. As he scored three goals, Si-W took the ball like in the last game of the Asian Cup.

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