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Anayati’s escape from the great Rakhut in the role of Jahan

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March 19, 1402 at 02:51 |


Victory in the tenth game;

Reza Enayati finally managed to win after 10 games as Pikan’s head coach.

According to “Varzesh Se,” this was a battle that perhaps not even Reza Enayati believed his students could win, but after weeks, he was finally able to enjoy victory.

Enayati, who took over the leadership of Pikan after the Asian Games and the elimination from the Olympic team to save this team from relegation, sat on the bench of this team in 9 Premier League games until the game against Sepahan, scoring 6 draws and 3 had defeats. He had become his student.


In the end, this coach had a very nice day in Isfahan, which reminds him of happy days and championships during the game, and managed to get his first victory with Pikan Dasht.

Of course, the automakers still have ups and downs ahead of them, and it remains to be seen how Enaiati, who has significantly increased the weight of experience and age of his players in the second half compared to the first half of the season, will perform.

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