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Berardi, Bonaventura and Frattesi: Italy scores 4 points in Malta and returns second

Double for Berardi, another goal after two years and first appearance in blue for Bonaventura. Frattesi closes. The game against the Three Lions at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday

By our correspondent Fabio Licari


Four goals would have been necessary to use the overall goal difference against Ukraine. Italy has restarted. Berardi scored two points, the first beautiful, removing any doubts about his answers in blue. Bonaventura opened the ball with a marvel in the latest Fiorentina style. And Frattesi finished 4-0: he had only recently joined, but when he plays in blue, the Inter player always starts. The game is not yet Pallottic, but on the other hand, Malta did not allow embroidery in its bunker. However, as the minutes passed we began to see a clearer identity, thanks also to the continued rotation between Raspadori (moved to the left) and Kean (centre forward). We are second on points with Ukraine, heading for a play-off, but are now thinking about England with a few less spirits.


However, the first two goals are more individual. In the first game there is not much maneuvering, but there is the courage of Kean, who presses and forces Malta to lose the ball: But then Bonaventura’s shot is one of those rare masterpieces, the sign of his special moment. With Berardi’s 2-0 at the end of the first half, we see the collaboration of Barella, who finally comes in and exchanges with the Sassuolo winger: the shot, a very insidious shot with the left foot, is an intuition of those that Berardi does not lack . Also a header from Mancini from a corner after a few minutes.

no maneuver

What’s missing in the first fifteen minutes is a maneuver that would put the Azzurri in a position to score a clean goal. It is true that Malta puts up the barricades, the system is 5-3-2 and the area is as crowded as Times Square at rush hour, but the solutions we are looking for are poorly thought out: high crosses for a small and fast one Center forward, again through passes to Raspa, who is forced to play with his back to goal to dictate a difficult triangle, or shots blocked. Bonaventura does not deserve criticism, but he should be more involved in the maneuver. Kean was better, running, pushing and coming in from the left, and the two centre-backs, Mancini-Bastoni, performed well, ending any hope of a Maltese counter-attack. But the first half cannot make Spalletti happy. There is no anger, there are no mechanisms in the maneuver.

woke up shoulder pads

It is clear that the coach’s scolding during the break hurt the Azzurri’s ears. Well, it depends. Another run, another movement, no one is waiting for the ball anymore, but everyone is crossing, stretching, pushing. Bonello continues his nonsense in goal and tries to give the attackers balls, but of course the 3-0 comes from a counterattack, in the only situation in which Malta was able to pull away. From the left, Raspadori gives the ball to the middle: everyone misses it, except Berardi, who lands in front of an empty goal and makes it 3-0, his second personal best. Raspa and not Kean because the coach, given the problems in the center, reverses the two and it is a move that gives the maneuver breathing room.

Towards Wembley

At the end there are the changes with a view to Wembley. Berardi takes a break, then Udogie makes his debut, who comes from the Premier League and could also be useful as a midfielder against the English, and finally Scamacca looks for fitness for the English. Bonaventura is also seen in a low shot. Malta understands that there is no point in venturing further forward, the level is modest and defends the 0:3. In vain, because Frattesi scores the fourth goal with Udogie’s great complicity. Udogie comes with the personality and leadership of a veteran: is this what you want to see with England?

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