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Biranvand: Make Osmar the head coach!

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February 5, 1402 at 02:21 |


He knows the team very well;

Alireza Biranvand says he believes Osmar Vieira is the best choice for Persepolis’ next head coach.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Alireza Biranvand, the number one goalkeeper of Persepolis, spoke about the events of the national team camp and said at the beginning: “Now something has happened, as there has been talk of a foreign head coach for several days.” I would like to say something to the dear fans, this is not the first season in which we want to bring in a foreign coach. We are now two points away from the second and third teams and if you want to bring in a foreign head coach and are looking for a very good head coach with a CV, my question to the fans and the CEO of the club is: “If.” They bring in within a week a new head coach. Will this be added to the Dubai warehouse?

Referring to the new head coach of the Red Army, he said: “If you sign a foreign head coach and he loses one or two in the second half of the season, you can expect your veterans to say he is a foreign head coach and us should give him a chance. You will lose the championship.

Biranvand also said about the foreign head coach: I mean, you actually said that you should give an award to every foreign head coach. You can’t give the head coach a chance in the second half of the season, you have to give him time. Now the fans want Persepolis to win the championship.

The Persepolis goalkeeper explained the story from the day before: “I left a story for Osmar for this reason, because they didn’t choose a head coach and the new head coach might not want Osmar, but I thanked Osmar.” Now I say that, if something will happen, you, who will take the list based on Mr. Golmohammadi’s list, and Mr. Osmar, who is 50% of Mr. Golmohammadi and has trained the team and played three friendly matches and knows the entire character of the team.

Alireza Biranvand continued about Osmar: I personally say this as someone who worked with the technical staff. I’m not saying that you should leave Mr. Osmar, I’m saying that the good thing is that Mr. Osmar trained the team for three weeks and played three friendly matches and the players you got were on the advice of Mr. Osmar and… were Golmohammadi. He knows these players and will take the team to camp, so leave the team in the hands of this technical staff.

At the end he said: This is my opinion and maybe the fans will say something different. Well, maybe, God forbid, the team will not get results tomorrow and the fans will say that you said so, Mr. Osmar! I say that the new head coach should have a chance when he comes, and he could leave the course with a few losses.

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