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Candle position: benefits, variations and how best to perform it

This can be done with a little practice and is done when the body is well warmed up

Sabrina Commis

Candle position: tips for execution

“At least run Five greetings to the sun before and some Rotation and flexion of the cervical spine to get used to the neck, which could be affected by the weight of the body in the head position. The last pose is performed with the Cervical spine fully supported and the torso as close to vertical as possible.” Find one quiet space, without distractions; This is not trivial because once you achieve the position, you no longer need to rotate your cervical spine and keep your body stretched and balanced on your shoulders. “Start lying on your back with your legs together 90 degrees and then, with the activation of the abdominal muscles, Raise and support the trunk Keep your hands as close to your shoulder blades as possible, your elbows should rest as close to the mat as possible. At first, try to stay 5/8 breaths and then the body will get used to it and you will find this asana pleasant and calming.”

The alternatives

If you would like to continue with the variations, once you have reached the correct final position, you can raise your arms to the sides of your thighs (Niralamba Sarvangasana), the candle without support, or by placing one leg after the other backwards on the floor, trying not to bend the knees (eka pada Sarvangasana).

Candle position: simpler variations

Due to some contraindications, it is not suitable for everyone, but there are variations where this is the case softer even for those who do not or cannot practice it. “You can stay in position a 90 degrees You can practice it without going into reverse Rest your legs on the wall or you can use one Yoga block under the sacrum when supporting the pelvis with the arms is too strenuous.

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