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Persepolis helps Sepahan with the contract cap

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January 17, 1402 at 12:27 am


The Reds’ goal for winter transfers

The Reds are eyeing Sepahan’s list in the winter window.

According to “Varzesh Se”, the Persepolis club is not sitting idle in the winter transfer window and, despite the challenge created by the departure of its head coach, is trying to at the same time advance its goals in attracting the desired players to strengthen the team.

In this context, in recent days the Persepolis club has been conducting negotiations with three transfer options in the winter window, despite the conditions it had to determine the status of Yahya Golmohammadi.


One of the players that Persepolis wants to recruit in the winter window to surprise their fans is now working for Sepahani. However, due to the contract cap restrictions and the challenge faced by the Sepahan Club, the Persepolis Club hopes to be able to provide the conditions for this transfer.

The Persepolis club has tried to achieve this transfer many times in recent seasons, but each time it encountered an obstacle to cancel this issue.


Now the Reds are pursuing the terms of this transfer more seriously than before and it remains to be seen whether Sepahan will be able to reach this agreement or not, considering that Sepahan is seeking negotiations and an agreement with his players to line up the unfortunate ones Terms of the cap of his contract. An agreement that can solve part of the Sepahan club’s contract cap problems while laying the foundation for an agreement with the player in question.

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