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Cleats, shirts and jackets in the name of Gazzetta dello Sport

The first drop dedicated to Rosea was born out of the passion for sport and football that was experienced everywhere

From the passion for sport and football that can be felt everywhere, in the bars of the provinces and cities, on the clay courts of the suburbs and in the stands, the first Tacchettee drop for La Gazzetta dello Sport was born.


Includes T-shirts, sweatshirts and a jacket. The latter, the Coach jacket, is the item that best represents the handshake between Tacchettee and La Gazzetta dello Sport: made in matt black, like the characters that stand out on the pink and porous paper of the pages of La Gazzetta of Sport . hides a pink lining full of representative phrases. Also in the capsule is a T-shirt with the front page of the newspaper’s first issue: a special green staple in this rosy triumph.

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