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The trusty Man of Steel entered the Tunnel of Horror in 1402!

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March 9, 1402 at 02:51


Prepare Khuzestanis for Al-Nameh;

Khuzestan Football Club has four very difficult and important games before the end of 1402.

According to “Varzesh Se”, the Steel Club made a bold decision after filling its bench with names such as Mohammad Rabiei, Yahya Golmohammadi and Mehdi Rahmati, appointing Ahmed Al-Nameh as assistant to Alireza Mansourian and Ignacio Martinez one of the players. The veteran of this team assured and introduced this young man as the new head coach of Foulad.

In the last two games he suffered one defeat and one win, now he has to face Melvan in the continuation of the Iranian Premier League. Undoubtedly, defeating this northern team is an important task for Ahmed Al-Nameh’s students. Interestingly, according to the league organization’s planning, three of Foolad’s four finals by the end of 1402 will take place against the competing teams and the top of the table.

After the battle with the Bandar Anzali sailors, Al-Nameh students should prepare for their trip to Tehran and play against Persepolis at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran. Five days after this game, Khuzestan Foolad is expected to fight Sepahan in Ahvaz. In their final game of 1402, the Steel Players face their blue-clad opponents in the Khuzestan Provincial Derby, facing Esteghlal Khuzestan. In a situation where his students managed to end the worthy and decisive match against Sanatneft with a 2-goal victory, Ahmad Al-Nameh hopes to maintain his invincible streak as head coach of Khuzestan Steel until the end of 2012 too Battle with the competing rivals in the table brings points.

Al-Nameh has a very important mission to continue this year, and making the hearts of the people of Khuzestan happy is directly related to the results of Fouldah, and this serious and important responsibility has now been entrusted to a man who is in his heart Fouldah has defended Fouldah for many years and is her trusted man.

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