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Confession from Gaziantep FK coach Sumudica! I cried in the locker room

Gaziantep Football Club coach Marius Sumudica said in his statement after the game against Istanbulspor, which won 2-0: “Sumudica is back, we got our first win after the earthquake.”

Gaziantep FK hosted İstanbulspor in the 6th week of the Trendyol Super League. The Gaziantep team won the tough game 2-0 with goals from Dragus and Ajeti and got their first win and points in the league. After the decisive game, Gaziantep FK coach Marius Sumudica made a statement saying that they were happy about their first win in the league.


Gaziantep FK coach Marius Sumudica said at the post-match press conference: “I congratulate the players and fans. I made a decision today. I will buy an apartment in Gaziantep. Because this is my city. I remember three years ago. We didn’t lose any games at home. Today is of course also an opportunity.” “He was also with us and our new transfers have done a lot for the team. They played for me and they will continue to play,” he said.


Sumudica explained that they were happy with the win and that they had won a very difficult game, saying: “It was very difficult, it was really the first win after the earthquake. The people deserve it. I hope I made a lot of people happy. I hope I.” made the people who were damaged and suffered by the earthquake happy. Sumudica “He’s back. If our team is as aggressive as I am, we will easily stay in the league. We have a really good team,” he said.


The Romanian coach also supported Maxim, to whom the fans reacted during the game, saying: “Maxim is one of the best players in the team. It should not be forgotten that Maxim scored more than 40 goals in Gaziantep. Football players sometimes have bad moments and sometimes good moments. It is very difficult to recruit a football player. It is difficult. I don’t talk about these things because he is Romanian. I’m just talking about Maxim. He didn’t spend much time in Beşiktaş, but I wanted to take him to Saudi Arabia, but Maxim told me that I felt comfortable in Gaziantep and didn’t want to leave this place. Now the whole family came to the dressing room. You have a big heart. I feel like they are part of the team,” he said.

“I started crying when I entered the locker room”

Sumudica expressed that he was happy to return to Gaziantep and that he shed tears when he entered the dressing room for the first time. He also spoke about the process of returning to the team, saying: “I started crying when I entered the dressing room. We had that.” Great results here. I don’t want to remember it again, but because of a little joke I started crying.” “If I had stayed, Gaziantep would be a team that would be playing in Europe. My mother told me, ‘God wants you to be there.’ Me and my family’s feelings were for being here. Everyone in my family is happy that I am here,” he said.

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