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Futsal: A game against Italy is always a final

Spain and Italy love indoor football (Kalzium to Cinque, in the transalpine country) and the World Cup, a title that the Spanish team won twice (in 2000 and 2004, precisely against the Italian team) and which the Azzurri team, despite its great sporting culture, did not achieve, finishing only one second place and two third places .

The bizarre hype surrounding the draw for the “elite round”. Ahead of the 2024 World Cup in Uzbekistan, Spain and Italy were paired in Group D, with one direct place and another for the hope playoffs, and with the approval of the Czech Republic and Slovenia, these two places will be decided between the Spanish and the Italians. .

The reason for this is the double confrontation between both national teamsTonight the first one will be played in Guadalajara, and it almost has an elimination value.

The capital’s multi-purpose pavilion carries, With more than 5,000 seats, there will be a party tonight catered by the Spanish team themselves.

That of Fede Vidal, who today, as in Prague, is again led by Albert Canillas, They were protagonists in events parallel to the game: they signed autographs for the little ones and visited the Cardenal Cisneros diocesan school, where they carried out an adapted training session in the presence of 400 young people. Yesterday they trained with the good news for Albert Canillas that all the players are available to him Spain will have three quintets varies on the pitch to maintain intensity in four or pivot mode and safely at the back.

Diego Akaishi defends against Alex Merrilim.FIGC

Italy again under the leadership of Massimiliano Bellarte has embarked on a process of “renewal and rejuvenation of the team”, trying to add value to the Italian team and increase its importance, says Bellarte.

Reason why the Italian coach He relieves the burden on his team: “Our goal is to be able to compete at the highest level and to realize the dream of qualifying for the World Cup.”

A blue troupe entrusted to the magic of Alex Merlim, that he will play his 114th game as an Italian international in Guadalajara, having scored 47 goals, the last two being crucial in last Friday’s win against Slovenia at Boli. Merlim, European champion with Italy in 2014, is a destabilizing factor for the opposition defense due to the great effectiveness of the numerous shots he fires at the opponent’s goal.

His counterpoint is the left winger Gabriel Motta, Jimbee Cartagena player who, at 24, is a fixture for Bellarte. Without forgetting the effectiveness of Cutrupi in Pvot.

Musumeci, the Italian captain, is clear: “The quality is very high, but you have to go out without fear”

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