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Covid today: rules, quarantine, isolation. Here’s what to do

Let’s see what to do if you get infected with Covid after the pandemic is over and the virus is endemic

Lucia Resta

It still happens that you see someone walking around with it mask or who buys it? swab Go to the pharmacy to do a test to see if this is the case positive for Covid or not. There may therefore be doubts that, as the cold season begins, there may be restrictions or obligations to prevent the spread of the virus. However, this is absolutely not the case. The SARS-CoV-2 virus with its numerous variations it is now edematousThis means that it is equated with any influence and therefore There are no more ad hoc rules for those who become infected with it and show symptoms of the disease it causes, the COVID-19. Let’s see first How to behave if you test positive for Covid today and in situations where special restrictions and obligations, such as the use of a mask, applied during the pandemic period.

Do Covid sufferers have to be isolated today?

Now There is no longer any obligation to isolate and quarantine, so that those who test positive for Covid can also leave the house. But just like with the flu and other contagious viruses It is recommended to stay at home and be vigilant especially in case it has anything to do with it fragile people. You can therefore take some time off from work ask to be on sick leave and the doctor could also do the swab. In this case, the result will be reported to the local health department. However, it is not mandatory to stay at home: if you feel good despite the positive attitude, you can also go to work. There are no obligations, only recommendations to also respect other people and be careful not to infect them.

Can Covid-positive children go to school?

Children and young people who go to school are no longer required to isolate themselves if they are Covid-positive, but are still advised to stay at home, just like if they have the flu or another contagious disease. And so A question of common sense so as not to infect other children. It is likely that sending a child who tests positive to school, particularly if symptoms are obvious, could cause dissatisfaction among other parents.

When do you use a mask today?

The only case in which a mask is required is when you enter an RSA or certain hospital departments are considered at risk because they house frail or elderly people. In all other cases there is no longer a requirement to wear a mask, not even if the result is positive Mode of Transport. Even in this case we are only talking about a recommendation to use it for the good of others and also for one’s own good, especially for those who are fragile people and are considered more at risk.

Is anti-Covid vaccination mandatory today?

As far as vaccination is concerned, it is no longer mandatory, but is only recommended for frail people and people over 60, just as is the case with the flu vaccination. The vaccine is also recommended for pregnant women and healthcare workers. This year Participation in the vaccination campaign was very lowespecially in the south. We’ve gone from six million administrations last year to fewer than 900,000 people vaccinated this year.

When should you get tested for Covid?

Nowadays there is no need to get a smear test unless you go there emergency department or You need to be hospitalized and they have it Symptoms Flu. However, if the symptoms do not occur, a swab test can be dispensed with. As mentioned above, the doctor may decide to subject a sick patient to the swab and report the result to the local health department. Everyone is free to take a swab at home or in the pharmacy, but in this case the result will not be reported. In recent weeks the number of Covid-19 infections has increased by 30%, but this percentage could be much higher precisely because swab control is lower.

Freedom and common sense

So almost all anti-Covid restrictions have been lifted and we are back to normal free before the pandemicbut it is always like that Common sense is recommended and therefore stay at home if you are sick, have symptoms and are therefore contagious, use a mask if you really need to go out and are positive or if you do not have Covid but are one of the fragile people. Parents must behave towards their Covid-positive children as if they had any other virus and therefore keep them at home if they show obvious symptoms and are more contagious.

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