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They determine the world calendar to the detriment of Saudi Arabia and Qatar!

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January 15, 1402 at 1:27 am


watch stars and entertainers at the same time;

The Africa Cup of Nations and Asian Nations Cup begin this month in Ivory Coast and Qatar respectively, and there is an obvious difference between the two tournaments.

According to Sports 3, Africa is globally considered the poorest continent in the world and its countries are plagued by famines and civil wars and its wealth has been plundered over the years, while Asia is known as the continent of development, progress and budgets Kalan is in circulation , either because of oil or because of industrial progress and tourist attractions.

However, this is not reflected in football in any way and at the Africa Cup of Nations we see intense competition and an exceptional standard; A competition that is not visible on the Asian continent.

Asian teams, especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have prepared with all the necessary facilities including great coaches, preparation camps with the best conditions and strong friendlies to perform the best and achieve the best results, and they also have huge sums of money provided money for football.

On the other hand, in the Arab countries of the African continent we see the opposite; Where the dream of “football migration” both to Europe and to teams in the Persian Gulf prevails among almost all players on this continent. There are also major weaknesses in the infrastructure, stadiums, skills and quality of players and coaches, especially foreigners.

Despite this difference between the teams of Asia and Africa, the teams of the African continent have a high level in the world forums and we have seen how the Moroccan national team performed a miracle by reaching fourth place in the 2022 World Cup and how this is the Case is The continent has stars like Mohamed Salah, Riyad Mahrez and has introduced Ashraf Hakimi and… the best European clubs.

Furthermore, if we look at the differences in the market value of the teams on each continent, we see at first glance that there are 10 African teams whose market value exceeds the threshold of 100 million euros, but in Asia there are only two teams. Japan and South Korea are in this situation.

This difference is due to two main factors; The first factor is the inherent talent of African players that makes them shine in different stadiums around the world and in their national teams and the second factor is limitation! African players find in football their only chance to escape their painful situation and improve their lives and those of their families, not their livelihood. While Asian players live a luxurious life away from football and this field

This leads to the teams of the African continent exporting many players to other countries so that they can live and play in much better conditions, which benefits their national teams, while Asian countries bring foreign players into their leagues, which increases the opportunities for domestic players reduces the game operations and leads to the decline of the national teams.

The world may not have noticed the difference between the Asian Cup of Nations and the Africa Cup of Nations, but holding them at the same time makes the reality clear to all. The fan will watch one game of this tournament and then another game of the tournament and here he will notice the difference in the technical, physical and competitive level of the two tournaments; Therefore, holding these competitions simultaneously will not benefit the Asian continent in any way!

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