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Denying the controversial rumor from the minister and CEO of Persepolis

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Reza Darwish and Kiyomarth Hashemi had an official meeting with each other this week.

According to “Varzesh Se”, in the past few days there have been many rumors about the future of CEO Reza Darwish in Persepolis and even fan channels once again published rumors about the new Minister of Sports and Youth’s reluctance to meet the CEO of Persepolis sparked different reactions. excited

This despite the fact that Reza Darvish visited Kiyomarth Hashemi a few days ago this week and had an official meeting with the Sports Minister and did not request a meeting with the Minister thereafter.

Darvish is currently negotiating a contract with the sponsor of Paleshpoushan and is also trying to change the conditions of this club favorably through financing.

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