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Emotional post from the head coach for the deceased student: You were the goddess of hope!

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March 25, 1402 at 03:00


On the last Thursday of the year, remember Javaid Malika.

Maryam Irandoost remembered Malika Mohammadi by posting some photos on the last Thursday of the year.

According to Varzesh Seh, it was the morning of January 3rd when bitter news rocked the Iranian football community. No one could believe the heartbreaking death of Melika Mohammadi, the 23-year-old defensive star of the Iran women’s national football team, which occurred as a result of an accident. In the last three months, all women’s football fans have kept alive the memory of our country’s late women’s football star under various pretexts. Now Maryam Irandoost, the legend of Iranian women’s football and head of the Sirjan city team, remembered her former student in an Instagram post on the last Thursday of the year.


By publishing some photos with Melika’s mother, Irandoost wrote: “On the last Thursday of the year, in memory of you, our smart and special daughter…”

Melika, the goddess of hope for Iranian soccer girls to achieve their goals

Your memory is eternal…


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