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Goggia: “That was the goal, but I wasn’t perfect”

Sofia after the success in the Super-G: “I didn’t have the best feeling, but I did well on the crucial points. 23 successes like Fede? This is a competition that is good for skiing.”

Marisa Poli

Surprised and ready for new challenges. After Sofia Goggia’s 23rd career World Cup success: “I’m a little surprised,” she told RAI at the finish, “I went down with 7 and in the Super-G in St. Moritz it’s never easy, you have no references .” When I saw the 95/100 advantage, I said to myself, well, I have to wait for everyone else. On the track I had some not very good sensations, I had to reinvent myself a little, let’s say the art of improvisation “I was always on the road for a very long time, off the track, but I think I have the ramps on the three crucial ones “We handled the points on the track very well and made the difference there.”

the progress

Dome showed the three top 10 in the first three giants of the season, the work in the summer was useful. “I’m more of a fast discipline skier, but I can’t make a living from just that,” Sofia explained. “I don’t think I got it on the slopes that much today because I was a bit leaning in some sections.” “I wasn’t clean. But that was the goal.” And at the first speed test of the season, after the double cancellation in Cervinia, he already set the tone: “It was time to start with speed,” admits Goggia, “the tests here in St. Moritz went quite well. But the competition is tough, I have to do analyzes with the technicians and do my best tomorrow and the day after.” There is still a downhill run and a Super-G on the program.

the rivalry

With success number 23, Federica Brignone moves to the top of the ranking of Italian multiple winners in the World Cup. “We are different: She’s more technical, I’m more of a sprinter. This competition is welcome because it keeps interest in skiing and we need it in Italy.”

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