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Ramin Rezaian has found a rival! (Picture)

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February 7, 1402 at 12:44 am


The young Sepahan defender is Qalanewi’s latest option, deployed on the right side of the field.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Amir Qalanewi used Sadegh Moharrami as a right-back in the two games of the group stage of the Asian Cup against the Palestinian and UAE teams, but this player missed the remaining games due to a ruptured cruciate ligament until Ramin Rezaian got the chance got to return. Once again to get the build.

Ramin Rezaiyan was a substitute in two games against Palestine and the United Arab Emirates and was in the squad against Hong Kong. It is likely that he will return to the 11-man squad in the round of 16 against Syria on Wednesday night in the Asian Nations Cup, but Aria Yousefi He is the most serious and newest competitor in this position.


Arya Yousefi, who made an unexpected appearance in the final list of the Asian Cup of Nations and is considered Iran’s youngest national player at the age of 21, went on the field as a substitute in the preparatory match against Burkina Faso, although he was not constantly on the field in the preparatory match against Indonesia present, which is unlikely. He will not return to the list in the conflict with Syria.

Yousefi, who is Ramin Rezaiyan’s rival in Sepahan, was missing from the team and even from Qalanewi’s list in the three games of the Nations Cup group stage, but given Sadegh Moharrami’s injury, it is not unlikely that this young player is right The defender will be added to the list added and even gets the chance to play against Syria.

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