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Icelandic students of Yahya after a long longing

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October 11, 1402 at 12:40 a.m


Persepolis was like home

After the game, the Persepolis players went to their fans’ stands.

According to “Varzesh Se”, on the day Al-Dhail Club gave its fans the tickets for this game for free in order to have more support against the Iranian champions, Persepolis fans also came to Abdullah Bin Khalifa- Stadion.

The Persepolis fans strongly encouraged their team during the game, and although their numbers were fewer than the host fans, their voices were often heard and gave the players morale.


After the final whistle, the Persepolis players, who had proven their tirelessness, went to the stands of the Iranian fans and performed their usual Icelandic after their victories.


Persepolis have not played any home games with spectators this season and miss playing in the all-red atmosphere of the Azadi Stadium.

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