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Illness for Allegri after Juve-Bologna, Landucci speaks: “The result is doubtful? No comment”

Deputy Juve coach: “Better in the second half, we were too tense in the first half. We wanted to win the game and even risked losing it.”

“Allegri had a mild illness, nothing serious, and sent me,” said Landucci, Juve’s assistant coach, into the Dazn microphones after Allianz’s 1-1 draw. “The team was tense in the first half and moved the ball slowly. We concentrated too much. And let’s not forget the opponents. Things went much better in the second half, we had more legs, mobility and speed. That’s right.” “It’s a shame Vlahovic didn’t recognize that goal,” continued Allegri’s second. On the key episode, Iling’s foul in the penalty area, which triggered protests in Bologna: “I’m like Thiago Motta, I won’t comment. It is the referee who decides, we accept the decisions without being either for or against.”

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“We wanted to win the game and even risked losing it. We added an extra striker, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. But it was a good point. The team is working well, even when they’re overloaded.” On the individual side, from Pogba to Vlahovic: “Paul gave Iling a good ball, it’s one of the positive things in the second half. Dusan is growing, he’s physically better, he’s even scored two goals. He’s growing, both physically and mentally.”

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