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Silent sad news: We are not yet welcoming the Saudis

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04 Sep 1402 at 00:18


Hired VAR to come to stadium;

The Sepahan Club CEO spoke about the conditions for hosting Saudi teams in Iran.

According to Varzesh Se, in an interview with football magazine Khabar Network, Mohammad Reza Saket said: Asian tournaments have a different capacity and atmosphere. Asian teams are well equipped in terms of infrastructure and government support and should be supported by the Ministry of Sports.

He continued: The games will start in the near future, however, doubts have been raised about participating in Saudi teams. The prior vote in the AFC should be reconsidered, which has not yet happened, and we expect the Football Association’s international affairs department to follow up on the matter to create the possibility of an alignment.

Saket said about the possibility of a VAR in Naqshjahan: About two years ago, fiber optics were installed throughout the stadium, and a domestic knowledge-based company conducted an informal test. VAR can improve football in Iran; Of course this is one of the requirements of the AFC and the possibility of participating on loan is foreseen and we hope that Iranian clubs in Asia will take advantage of this opportunity.

The CEO of Mobarake Sepahan Steel Club said about the condition of Naqshjahan grass: Experts started rebuilding and restoring the grass a month ago, and due to the way of management in the past 6 years, the lower layers have problems, the expert group is carrying out infrastructure reforms.

He remembered: The condition of the turf has improved and we will have better conditions for future matches. At the end of this year, the turf of Naqsh Jahan Stadium will be replaced as it was cultivated six years ago and prepared under new conditions for next year’s competitions.

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