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Khatir’s explanation of the truth of the dispute with Nekonam

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14 September 1402 at 00:33


It’s not a flower or a nightingale, he really wants to win

Esteghlal CEO says he has told Javad Nekonam his victory depends on Abhi Poshan’s head coach victory.

According to Varzesh Se, Ali Khatir, the CEO of Esteghlal, who is a guest of the Beretar Football program, responded to the disagreements with Javad Nekonam in part of his speech. He claimed that he could not fulfill Hojjat Karimi’s promises to the Blues head coach due to the conditions in place.

In response to Mohammad Hossein Mishaghi’s questions about the differences between the CEO and the head coach, he said: I can’t say there are no interviews and everything is a mess. Nekonam is right too. Nekonam sat with another loved one who didn’t even sign the contract but made a series of agreements.

He said: He didn’t even have a written memorandum with Nekonam, but I tried to solve this problem. Nekonam says that I had a number of agreements with the previous CEO that were not put in writing, but I also have the right as the club’s CEO because I didn’t even see a single document of the previous agreement. For example, he told Nekonam that he would bring six foreign players. Is that possible in this financial situation? Can it be with this situation?

Esteghlal’s CEO, who claimed the head coach was right, said: Nekonam is also right because his vision is success, he is young and he wants to be successful in football. I also came and I see an area where there are these financial issues and I need to be able to respond to the staffing needs. I told Nekonam.

Khatir continues: I told Nekonam that you are young and so am I. My victory is your victory and success. My loss is your loss. I told him that we will either win together or lose together. Khudavekili also accepted them with open arms. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. There are differences and he worries about his own team and makes noise. I understand that, but maybe he doesn’t know my limits. Sometimes Nekonam says what should I do? I wanted a series of issues. I don’t know with what sources and for what reason the previous Nekonam made a bunch of promises?

The CEO of Esteghlal further said: “In a meeting I told Nekonam that I will support you even if you finish 14th and I say that in Esteghlal we have to make a plan.” If debris falls somewhere, debris falls on debris. Why would I do anything else when I know additional commitments will make the problem worse? That’s why we’re not in Asia.

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