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Marinos: the successor to a Greek-style fortress!

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October 9, 1402 at 12:59 a.m


Marinos Ozonidis got off to an acceptable start with Sirjan’s goal.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Golgehar Sirjan and Amir Ghalenoui have come into good form in Iranian football and in a situation where this Kermani team has not played in the Premier League for many years, he showed that the red-clad one The team is a tough opponent and at the top of the table.

Amir Ghalenoui was in Golgohar for three seasons and took fifth and fourth place. In the third season he said goodbye to the Sirjanis after participating in the national team.

In the summer, the Greek Marinos was elected Gol Gohar’s new head coach and got off to a good start with two wins and two draws. It remains to be seen whether he can finally get Gol Gohar on the Asian quota or not.

The goalkeepers are preparing for the difficult week 7 game against Persepolis.


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