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Shaqiri stopped Iran from violating his 18-year rule!

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April 13, 1403 at 3:03 p.m


19th in the world rankings, maybe next FIFA day

Zherdan Shaqiri’s goal kept the Iranian national team in 20th place in the world rankings in March and the spell of reaching 19th place in the world has not been broken even after eighteen years.

According to “Varzeh Se”, with the end of FIFA Day in March and the holding of national team matches in official and friendly competitions, everyone is now waiting for the official announcement of the latest FIFA rankings for the ranking of national football teams around the world, where, of course, among the teams just an important shift in the world leadership has taken place.

Although this ranking will be officially announced in the coming days, it is possible to see the ranking of teams a few days before the official announcement by FIFA, as the ranking of countries is based on predetermined coefficients and criteria.

On this FIFA Day, two rounds of the preliminary rounds of the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup were held on the Asian continent, where the Iranian national football team managed to win two home and away matches against Turkmenistan and advance to the World Cup through the next round of the competition and the 2027 Nations Cup in Saudi Arabia.


These two victories in the FIFA rankings did not increase the rank of the Iranian national team and they remained in the same ranks as the 20th in the world and the 2nd in Asia, since only 5.69 positive points were added to the previous accumulations of the national team, but the gap between Iran and its higher rank, which belongs to Switzerland, narrowed.

The Swiss national football team, which suffered a goalless draw in the first friendly match against Denmark, had to accept 12 hundredths of minus points, but the team’s victory in the second game against Ireland brought this team 3.08 plus points. A game in which Murat Yakin’s students won thanks to a single goal from Xherdan Shaqiri.

In fact, it can be said that without Shaqiri’s goal in this game, Switzerland would have experienced another negative point and then given the Iranian national team the 19th place in the world, because the two teams are currently less than three points apart, and of course the fact that Switzerland couldn’t win this game would have led to a reduction in their points.


So after 18 years, the Iranian national football team couldn’t do better than 20th place in the world rankings, because the last time the national team was there in 2006, they finished 19th in FIFA. However, the possibility of reaching this position exists at the next FIFA Day and this position will be achieved if Switzerland slips and the national team wins against Uzbekistan and Hong Kong.

Among Asian teams, the highest ranked Japan remains at the top of the continent’s rankings. Of course, before the start of the Asian Cup, the Iranian national team was more than 50 points away from the Samurai, but now this difference has shrunk to less than 5 points.

Among the top teams in the world, the positions of Belgium and England changed each other. Despite Europe’s Red Devils missing both warm-up games in March, England remained in the red by 5.15 points after their defeat to Brazil, one millimeter behind Belgium.

As in previous months, Argentina and France take first and second place, followed by Belgium, England, Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia in third to tenth place. After Japan and Iran, the Asian teams include South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.


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