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Parveen left no stone unturned for Ali Daei

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January 25, 1402 at 1:52 am


Football has made us known all over the world;

In his last interview, Parveen said interesting things about Ali Daei.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Ali Parveen gave a stormy and incredible interview against Ali Daei a few years ago, but over time the mindset of the historical figure of Iranian football has changed, and in his last interview with Pejman Bazghi particularly praised the personality of the student. His ex paid him and described him as very respectful.

Parveen said when Ali Daei’s picture appeared on the screen in one of the segments he was invited to: “That was one of our good students. He was the one who introduced our football to the world. We didn’t appreciate it. Some people complain about his flowers. Dad struck again. Why are you angry?! Why should we hate each other? Football players, artists, wrestlers and others have their place. This Haj Ali introduced our football to the world.


Bazghi also referred to Daei’s global nature and efforts, and Parvin confirmed this and continued the discussion as follows:Yes sir, a lot of trouble. Mashallah, instead of an hour and a half, he practiced for three hours. You have to practice to get somewhere, otherwise it won’t work. Now everyone takes their child’s hand and takes them to the soccer school. They take money from children and end up with nothing.”
He then said that he had once spoken harshly against an uncle: “These differences of opinion arise.” “Football has made us known to the whole world, and why should I hate it?”

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