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Pirlo: “I signed a contract with Real, but then… I chose Milan”

The Samp coach between past, present and future: “Conte, master of the field and football. Juve was revenge for me. Bellingham is predestined, he was born to play football.”

“I have always lived with a lot of expectations. Everyone expected me to do something important. Little by little I did what I did, demonstrated on the field what I had collected, always ready to endure criticism. It’s not easy for a child to live like that.” But you have to think about playing and having fun.” Words from Andrea Pirlo to the microphones of Radio TV Serie A. The former midfielder, world champion in 2006, spoke widely and broadly about himself: “I never set limits for myself, I wanted to be one of the best. I wanted to win a World Cup and a Champions League. I have never been satisfied in my life; what I had done before was never enough for me, I always tried to improve. Talent is nurtured by work and by the incentives that must push one to do better and better.”

Inter, Milan and Juventus

Andrea Pirlo is one of the very few players to have worn the jerseys of Inter, Milan and Juventus. He took his first steps in adult football with the Nerazzurri. With the Rossoneri he became champions and won his first trophies. Eventually he discovered a new youth at the Bianconeri and became the leader and head of Conte and Allegri’s teams. This is how he talks about his life: “As a child I was a big Inter fan; My father took me to Viareggio on holiday and when Inter were in training camp in that area I went to them to get autographs. But when you’re a professional, you’re no longer supportive in the same way. If anything, you support the team you play for. I won everything with Milan, but the best win was the first Champions League. The wound from the final in Istanbul is difficult to heal, I even thought about quitting. My adventure with Milan didn’t end the way I dreamed; I hoped I could stay and still be useful, but at that time there was a rule where those over 30 were only offered a one-year contract. And so I chose Juventus. It was revenge for me. I had a great desire to prove to everyone that I was still a player capable of playing at a high level and with Juve I won four championships and we reached a Champions League final. Conte was a great field and football teacher.”


In addition to Conte, two other coaches made the difference in his growth path: “I won with almost all the coaches who trained me; I have wonderful memories with each of them. With Lippi I certainly won the trophy that every footballer hopes to win.” Lucescu was the first to bring me into the first team: he was crazy about me and even when I was training with the “big boys”, he always had kept an eye on me and pushed me to keep getting better. Mazzone was the one who started my career. Career; for him I was the Falcao of Brescia and from the attacking midfielder or midfielder that I was, he promoted me to director of midfield.

2006: the World Cup and Real Madrid

2006 was a very special year, starting with the victory at the World Cup: “Lippi chose me to be the first to score the penalty in the final. It wasn’t a walk in the park because the tension was so high, but I did it.” “Don’t think too much and I kicked.” Then came the call from Real Madrid: “It was the time of Calciopoli and it wasn’t clear how Serie A would restart. As soon as the World Cup ended I signed a contract with Real, but then they announced that Milan would restart from Serie A with a penalty. In agreement with Galliani, I chose the Rossoneri.

Coaches and young people

Finally, Andrea Pirlo spoke about his experience as a coach and his vision for young people: “Coaching Juve was a nice experience. The number 1 in the world. He is an exemplary professional in everything: from nutrition to recovery to the training itself. We have started a long work with Samp; I feel great and hope to achieve my goals. The young people, when they are strong, you see them immediately. But everyone has their own times. There are those who have everything right away, like Donnarumma, and those who need more time. The Italian football movement is one of the few that does not give children self-confidence from the start. Immediately to the children; Everything is different abroad, those who deserve to play, regardless of age, play. I don’t look at the player’s ID card, but rather that he shows his skills and qualities. Bellingham is predestined, he was born to play football and it is right that he has this career. He is a player with great potential, along with Ancellotti, a coach with great experience and human qualities.”

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