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Indoor football: Come to Mestoles on Saturday and experience an afternoon of solidarity indoor football

Do you like indoor football and are you looking for a plan for Saturday? Among the many possibilities, we offer you one: come to Móstoles next Saturday, December 23rd, to the Villfontana Pavilion. The menu couldn’t be more exquisite: at 4 p.m. a game of the Iberdrola League, a full derby between the fifth-placed team (MRB Móstoles FSF) and the second-placed AD Arriva Alcorcón. Hey, let’s play Ari, Benete, Montufo, Vane Sotelo, Peque…

But there’s more, because from 7 p.m There is an exciting duel between the friends of the indoor football legend Paco Sedano and those of the former player and legendary snowborder player Fidel Alonso.

What, why are they facing each other? Now for a good cause: Collect food for the Father Ángel Messengers of Peace Foundation. Entry is free and for every kilogram of food delivered at the entrance you will take part in the drawing of various gifts that will take place during the game, such as: B. T-shirts of the Spanish football and indoor soccer teams as well as sports equipment.

The teams “Friends of Paco Sedano” and “Friends of Fidel Alonso” will consist of faces

well-known television personalities, journalists, influencers, sports managers and of course players and

Soccer and indoor soccer players, both retired and active. It starts with a person who is very loved by everyone, Father Ángel, who also has a special affection for the community of Mestoles.

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