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Schwazer on Big Brother: the 66th day of training in the House of Representatives

Coach Rondelli analyzes Walker’s last double session in the House of Representatives: “After a few complicated sessions, the recovery is obvious.”

Michele Antonelli

“A Double session of great quality and quantitywith 20 km of running on the treadmill and a total of 3 hours of work.” Giorgio RondelliTrainer of several champions and advisor to Active diarysums up the last day of Alex Schwazer for the Big Brother: “It is a training that corresponds to the recovery of the last few days.”


Work begins as usual on Tapis Roulant: “Alex is going with me 40′ at 4’50”-5′ per km (121 pulses) and then switches on 40′ Fartlek with 30 fast variants from 20″ with 3’20”-3’10” per kmwith one minute of slow recovery walking (heart rate between 138 and 153 beats). At the end of the morning, cool down for 10 minutes.


The afternoon commitment switches to the elliptical trainer: “Alex starts with one in this case.” half an hour at 130 pulses and continues with 20′ at 150-160 pulses. So space for the maximum phase of work, with 20′ at 160-170 beats per minute“. At the end of the unit, another 5′ at 150-160 pulses and a quarter of an hour of cool-down walking on the treadmill.


Coach Rondelli analyzes the double session completed by the walker and highlights a few elements: “It was definitely important.” Fartlek Tomorrow, in which Alex achieved 3’10”-3’15” per km. Good, but it could have gone even better if a sudden storm hadn’t made the platform slippery and therefore dangerous. “But by the afternoon everything was under control.”In the now classic 20-foot maximum on the cross trainer he reached 170 beats per minute“.

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